GDA, Inc has launched an awareness campaign to legalize Marijuana in USA, and everyone is INVITED to participate!  
Join the Movement - Keep America High!™ 
A percentage the Official Keep America High!™ merchandise will be donated to MPP to fight for legalization of Marijuana!

Keep America High Individual Ambassadors


  • GET INVOLVED: Purchase your Official Keep America High gear and partials proceeds will be donated to for the fight for the LEGALIZATION of Marijuana.

  • SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: Wear it, Share it, and VOTE! Display your Official Keep America High merchandise so EVERYONE CAN SEE IT!

  • SHARE PHOTOS ON INSTAGRAM and TAG @KeepAmericaHigh and your friends to encourage them to get involved.

  • Get More “Take-A Puff” campaign cards and pass them out!!

  • GET EDUCATED! Look up state and federal marijuana legalization incentives to let others know how to support on our site!

  • VOTE!

      Keep America High™ Store Ambassadors
      • GET INVOLVED: Purchase your Official Keep America High gear at wholesale for your store or website!

      • Create a small branded display inside store or online.

      • Keep America High will give you additional “Take-A Puff” Campaign cards to hand out to friends.

      • Keep shelves stocked

        Keep America High Co-Brands, Sponsorships and Licensing
        Keep America High™/GDA, Inc.’s goal is to maximize the awareness to create a movement to legalize Marijuana in USA.  We are open to any and all opportunities that will promote Keep America High™ and gain exposure for the cause.  Each proposal will be consider on a deal by deal basis.

        Possible Opportunity – Create your own event day!
        Keep America High™/GDA, Inc. has developed an event/promotion opportunity.  With a purchase of 600 t-shirts, GDA, will print the logo of your shop/brand on the back between shoulders.  Create your own event day!
        Keep America High
        Wear it, Share it, & VOTE!

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